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 Call us on 0800 575283 and leave us a message with your name and number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Driving Lessons Hibiscus Coast | Whangaparaoa | Rodney- Warkworth

We teach in Warkworth, Wellsford, Orewa, Silverdale and surrounding areas. 

We try to meet students in convenient places, sometimes close to your home or near the test area. We try to be as flexible as possible. 

When training for driving tests, we work in Silverdale to prepare for the types of traffic situations you will meet on the restricted and full test in this area. 

Booking Driving Lessons 

We look forward to meeting you. Call us on 0800 575283 to book driving lessons with either of our experienced, patient driving instructors, Dave or Olive. When you get in contact with us about taking driving lessons with us, we need to find out:


Which licence you currently hold


What experience you have


Car to be used own car or school automatic


Your availability - times and days


Where we can meet.

driving lessons Hibiscus Coast booking driving lessons

Driving Lessons: Our Current Prices 


Driving school Vehicle

$75 per hour 


Own Car

$65 per hour (must be insured) 


If you have 9 lessons your 10th is complimentary

This free lesson adds to the instruction you have already received.

Effectively brings all your previous lessons down in price.


AA Defensive Driving Courses



Medical Assessments



We need a day’s notice in advance for cancellation


You must have your driver’s licence with you.

Experienced, Flexible Driving Instructors

We all learn to drive in different ways and progress in different time spans. Our experienced, flexible driving instructors offer the type of driving lessons Hibiscus Coast learner drivers know they can feel safe and confident about. 

Our driving instructors are flexible in how they deliver their driving lessons.  We will find a way to teach you so you will get the driver’s licence you need as efficiently, calmly and safely as possible. 

Learner Drivers 

We know you will be anxious on your first driving lesson with us. 

If you are a beginner driver, we will arrange your driving lessons to take place in a quiet place until you feel confident to be out on the road in busier traffic. 

Driving Lessons Hibiscus Coast | Whangaparaoa | Rodney.

Our experienced patient driving instructors teach in Warkworth, Wellsford, Orewa, Silverdale and surrounding areas. Book driving lessons by calling 0800 575283.

Call: 0800 575283