Driving Test preparation

DRiving Test Preparation – Be well prepared 

Restricted and full driving tests require you to drive to a high level of driving safety, so we can improve the standard of driving in New Zealand. 

The restricted test is a real challenge to achieve. This drivers licence is something to be proud of and to respect. 

We can help you achieve the skills required to pass this test and the confidence to demonstrate to a testing officer that you are safe to be driving by yourself in a variety of difficult situations. 

Are You Prepared For Your Restricted Driving Test? 

A restricted driving test is based on a learner driver having had 120 hours of good driving practice. 

Many people go ahead and take their driving test without enough research or any professional driving training; that can be costly. Give yourself the best chance of getting your driver’s license – prepare properly 

Can Prepare You For The Restricted And Full Driving Test. 

Invest in good instruction - call 0800 575 283 oremail us using the contact page. We are the driving school

teaching from Warkworth to Silverdale assisting Learner drivers and Restricted drivers to pass their driving tests.  

Driving School Orewa

We Do Test Preparation At Our Test Area In Silverdale. 


The number of lessons required differs for each learner driver.


We will offer you the number of driving lessons you need to get you to the stage where you can pass your driving test.


We will teach the requirements for the both the Restricted and Full Test.


We will tell you when you have reached the driving skill level required for testing.


We advise you on reading material essential for your specific driving test.

Ready To Take Your Drivers Test? 

Come for an assessment lesson with our driving school in the Orewa / Silverdale area  before you book your driving testIt can save you money, time, stress and disappointment. Sadly, we meet many people who have had their driving confidence seriously affected by a failed test.  

The Restricted Drivers From Adams Driving School 

This new generation of restricted drivers we have taught to drive have shown they have achieved:

  • A good level of road knowledge – knowing all road rules and give way rules
  • Respect for NZ road laws
  • Good car handling skills and anticipation of the road ahead
  • Confidence and hazard detection interaction with high-speed traffic
  • Changing lanes in 70k – 100K, motorway merge and lane changes, keeping safe following distances
  • Competency in parallel parking and 3-point turns
  • Awareness of what is around you – mirror use, blind spot checks, awareness of speed limits – when they change
  • Awareness of pedestrians  
  • A good attitude while driving and courtesy towards other road users 

Our experienced patient driving instructor will help you get your restricted / Full drivers licence.

 We’re the driving school Orewa learner drivers call for driving test preparation. Ph 0800 575283 for defensive driving courses & driving lessons in Orewa / Silverdale / Warkworth.

Call: 0800 575283